Hoofprints in Eden

cover image, Hoofprints in EdenLakeland Book of the Year Award winner 2006Winner of the Saint and Company Prize at the Lake District Book of the Year Awards, 2006

Based on a 2-year-long series of interviews with established breeders, this book explores the Fell pony breed and its traditions at the start of the new millennium.

Read about the Fell pony's Cumbrian background, the events of a typical year, its life on the fell, its traditional keeping and its links with hill farming, its characteristics and the work it can do.

Fully illustrated. Complete with a dictionary of Cumbrian farming expressions!

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Genre: Non-fiction, equestrian, history, farm & working animals
Published by Hayloft, 2005. ISBN 978-1-9045243-4-2.

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Second paperback edition, 2018

The text is updated and more new photographs have been added. All photographs in grayscale. Portrait format.

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ISBN-10: 1731565968
ISBN-13: 978-1731565969


The text is updated and more new photographs have been added.

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