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Scratch - Sequel to Against the OddsScratch - Sequel to Against the Odds.

Against the OddsAgainst the Odds original cover 1st edition

Leaving home to work in a racing stable, Sian finds that the long hours and hard work are more than she bargained for. The only compensation is her responsibility for her favourite filly, Double Jump.

Sian is badly treated by her boyfriend, the trainer's arrogant son, Justin. When Double Jump's owner moves the filly to another yard, Sian decides to follow so she can escape him.

At the new yard she meets stable jockey Madoc Owen, who is battling to make a National Hunt winner out of Cymru, a bored flat-race stallion. Sian and Madoc may have a future together but there will be more than steeplechase fences in their way – Justin will see to that.

GENRE: Fiction, romance, sporting, equestrian
Published by J A Allen, 1995. ISBN 978-0-8513163-0-1
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Kindle format Publication date: February 2013
ISBN: 978-0-9573612-8-7


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