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Digital edition

Couldn't Put it Down

When my husband gave me this book I was halfway through reading another - but once I'd started String of Horses, I enjoyed it so much I couldn't stop until I'd reached the end! The other book just had to wait! Ann L, Dumfries, 2 Nov 2021

***** Heartwarming!!

I’m in my late fifties and far too old to be enjoying a book of this genre, but I thoroughly enjoyed every page!
Such lovely characters, both human and equine. Brought back fond memories of my own childhood. Well worth the read! Amazon UK mrs. c furlong, 25 April 2021

***** A gripping story

I started reading on a snowy Sunday afternoon and was so entranced, I couldn't stop until I'd finished it. A story about ponies and those who love them - what's not to love. Amazon UK R. A. Flexney, 11 April 2021

More than a super horsey book

Thank you so much for the book - as a child I might have reviewed it as "a super horsey book", but it is so much more. I've spent a lovely afternoon reading it, when I'm sure I should have been doing more 'worthy' things. Competition winner Lyn Walby, March 2021

***** An eye opener !

Loved this beautifully written book ! Informative, interesting and a page turner. I knew nothing about Pub Trekking Holidays, how lovely that would be ! I'm older than the target audience for this book. But I have never quite grown out of pony stories and I enjoyed this one very much. Amazon UK Competition winner Lyn Hickey 22 March 2021

Cleverly set in the 1970’s yet seamlessly engaging

Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed The String of Horses and it is up there with my favourite writers of teenage literature; in no particular order, Alan Garner, William Mayne (despite his unacceptable ’personal’ choices), Rosemary Sutcliffe, Jane Gardam, Janni Howker, K.M. Peyton, Jill Paton-Walsh, Penelope Lively .....

It moved me in many sections because you get literally to the ‘heart’ of the matter. I had an inkling of Vanessa’s ‘problem’ on page 90, which was also where the narrative gained pace, and the way she managed to square herself with her family rang very true – even to the extent of ‘organising’ her escape with the reliable and competent Ian.

Cleverly set in the 1970’s yet seamlessly engaging a young pony mad readership. I’ve already loaned the book out! Once again thanks for a great read. Paperback edition, Peter Dicken, March 2021

***** A great read

I love all of Sue's work, especially anything with Fell ponies in. This book does not disappoint, I was sad when it ended! Keep writing Sue. Rebecca Norman, Amazon UK 27 March 2021

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