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One Fell Swoop paperback

"... a smile on every page." Westmorland Gazette

"Fell ponies are the Jacks and Jills of all trades but under Susan Millard's pencil they are transformed into Cumbria's comedians and clowns... ... if you don't know one end of a Fell pony from the other,  you'll still get a gaggle of giggles from these funny drawings." Keswick Reminder

"If you have ever had anything to do with native ponies, then buy this book. It is a joy from start to finish."

See full review at Jane Badger Books. Jane also praised One Fell Swoop in her 2012 roundup of books , saying, "There has been some cracking non-fiction this year too. Sue Millard's One Fell Swoop is a book of brilliant cartoons about the Fell pony, which, allied to its witty and well observed text, make it a joy."

***** Great fun

Good fun, worth a read for any Fell pony lovers, showing the history of the breed with some fun drawings. Amazon UK 19 Aug 2013

**** One Fell Swoop, delightful!

Even if you're not a horse person, you won't be able to keep from laughing at "One Fell Swoop". The drawings are delightful! The ponies are as mischievious on the page as they are in real life. I only found one drawback in the Kindle version; I couldn't enlarge the pages to suit my old eyes. It was still worth it though, to see and read about those little scamps! Amazon USA April 2, 2013

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