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Dragon Baitdragon bait book cover

**** A Cheerful, Snappy Dragon-Based Rom-Com

If you're going to have a meet cute story, it might as well involve a dragon bait damsel and a blase rescuer. Princess Andra doesn't want to marry some strange foreign prince so she does a deal with her Dad, the King. She'll volunteer to be a sacrifice to the evil dragon; if she survives she is free to not marry. So, this spunky, intrepid gal heads out and ends up being rescued by some guy who is more interested in doing field work on the dragon than romantic work on the Princess. The Princess, the Rescuer, and the Dragon trade snappy one-liners and engage in madcap hi-jinks before the plot winds up at a predictable but perfectly satisfying conclusion.

All three main characters are engaging, if lightly sketched in. As you might expect, the Dragon is the star and gets all of the best lines. There are a number of very clever set pieces. The dragon's huffy dismissal of the Princess's rather plain jewels, (she knows the difference between diamond and diamanté, thank you very much), is a riot. And everyone gets a fair share of wry, and sometimes edgy, throwaway lines. This is all rounded out by a large cast of supporting characters, each of whom gets a bit of amusing attention.

So, it's light and cheerful fun that doesn't wear out its welcome. It's fast paced and maintains its engaging tone without any missteps or drag. A nice, amusing find. 13 December 2016 Amazon UK

**** A fabulous quirky novel with amusing plot twists. 19 Jan 2013 Amazon USA

**** A new twist on an old story.

Having grown up with fairy stories where the princess is just supposed to hang around to be rescued and then live happily ever after with her rescuer this tale was a refreshing change. The heroine was managing quite nicely to extricate herself from her difficulties by the time the hero showed up - and he was more interested in rescuing the dragon anyway! Loved Hugh, the mule with an afterburner. 24 Nov 2012 Amazon USA

***** An Entertaining read.

I really enjoyed this little book. I hadn't read any of this authors fiction before and thought that this was well written, with an entertaining touch to the characters, an original plot and a neat ending. I'm not sure what age it's intended for, probably older children, but also an entertaining light read for an adult. I shall be looking for other books by Sue Millard. 21 Nov 2012 Amazon UK

***** A quirky, fun read.

This was a surprise find. I have to admit that the cover doesn't look like much, but don't let it keep you from reading this book. It was a quick, quirky read that kept me hooked from beginning to end. The characters, especially the royal family, are hilarious in a clever way and the heroine is the kind of princess I wish there were more of. 20 Nov 2012 Amazon USA

***** A Fun read!

I'm not a fantasy fan, but found this very entertaining and easy to read. In fact I couldn't put it down until I reached the end! I've read other material from this author and couldn't believe the imagination used to create this very entertaining story. (The other work I've read was more historical in nature, which I really enjoy.) 17 Nov 2012 Amazon USA

***** An entertaining, amusing read.

Short and sweet, I read it in one sitting. Suitable for all ages. I'll definitely try another book by the same author. Oct 2012 Amazon UK

Downloaded and being read as we speak. [my daughter] is enjoying it - (81% read).Aug 2012 Great Writing

***** Dragon Bait...sooo much fun!

An easy read that draws you into a lovely, light tale in a fairy tale land. A great bedtime story. 27 Aug 2012 Amazon USA.

***** Dragon Bait really has it all

-- an unlikely Princess, talking Dragons, flying horses and mules, intrigue and misunderstanding, a Hero in disguise and a happy ending. 23 Aug 2012 Amazon USA.

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