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cover image for Ponies with WheelsPonies With Wheels

In 40 years of carriage driving Iíve had a lot of fun with Fell and Dales ponies - Mr T "The Yes Man", Eric "The Comedian", Sonny "The Stroppy Teenager" and his mother Ruby "The Magnificent".

A selection of my chatty posts on my blog, the RED list driving forum and social media, amounting to a novel in length. Iíve decided to retain their conversational tone, rather than tidying everything up. Itís more entertaining that way.

PONIES WITH WHEELS is out on Amazon now.

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ISBN 978-1-913106-21-8  E-book to read on tablet, phone or Kindle. GBP £4.50


Paperback, ISBN 978-1-913106-22-5. GBP £13.00 plus P&P

(Due to Royal Mail's insurance limits it is cheaper to post single copies even if you require more than one.)

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Reviewers may request a digital copy in any of these formats in exchange for review. Please email.

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HTML (web page) HTML is readable on any internet browser. The book and its images are sent as a self-extracting Zip file.

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