The Forthright Saga

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The Forthright SagaCover for the Forthright Saga

***** Recommended for anyone with a good sense of humour

A very good read indeed. This is a charming book, exceptionally well written by a highly talented and knowledgeable author. Set in a fictional village in Northern England, the author leads us beautifully through a gentle introduction to the main characters, right up to a quite marvellous ending. I am reluctant to give away any of the plot, as this would irritate me somewhat if I knew beforehand what happened, but I will say that the characters the author has created are really quite splendid and so typical of this area of England. The very well described adventures of the young lads took me back to my childhood when I read with relish the stories of William Brown by that brilliant writer Richmal Crompton. The story starts quite gently, meanders along for a bit, but all the time building toward the main event, as it were. The further I got into the story, the more gripping I found it. The plot is a very good one, and the main character of Nora Forthright is a truly inspired creation. Long live Nora Forthright, well done Sue Millard, an excellent book. 1 November 2013, on Goodreads

***** A wonderfully engaging story.

This is a quite superb read, wonderful English humour at its best. Gentle at times, hilarious at others. The author has created some quite wonderful characters, and her use of language is quite marvellous. The plot is very engaging; starting slowly, with plenty of detail to get the reader well in tune with all the characters, then building very nicely indeed to become quite gripping. The whole story is very well written indeed. I look forward to more of the splendid Nora Forthright! Amazon USA, October 31, 2013

***** The Forthright Saga

...brilliantly written by Sue Millard. This beautifully constructed tale centres around the formidable Nora Forthright. She is a little bit of a battleaxe, but also a marvellously eccentric character. Set in and around the fictional Cumbrian village of Dangleby, the author gives us Nora - with all her strange quirks - as well as many other charming characters. From Sergeant Postlethwaite the village policeman, to Nora's rascally little grandson Wayne. The story starts a little slowly, with plenty of good description of the main characters, but builds very nicely indeed towards a marvellous ending. I won't give anything away, other than to say the whole story is delightful, written very well indeed, and with a large helping of wonderfully English humour. A terrific read, suitable really for just about anybody. I heartily recommend it. Well done Sue! Alec Hawkes' Ordinary Bloke's Favourite Books blog

***** Rib tickling

This is a highly amusing book to read, especially when you need cheering up. The characters are down to earth and believable, often with the most imaginative names. A good and well written story, this is an easy, light and delightful book. 9 Mar 2013, Amazon UK

***** I loved this book

...the characters were very funny. They were down to earth 'real' people and I could identify with their actions. Meriel and her malapropisms had me in stitches. I have read non fiction by this author and enjoyed sharing her in depth knowledge of Fell ponies, their habitat and their breeders. This is the first of the author's fiction works I have read and will read more in the future. 11 Jan 2013, Amazon UK

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